National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Accreditation: 1st Cycle

The institution was accredited with Grade ‘C+’ by NAAC in March 2004.
Coordinator: Dr. S.N. Keshetty

Re-Accreditation: 2nd Cycle

The institution was re-accredited with Grade ‘B’ by NAAC on 28 March 2010.
Coordinator: Prof. V.S. Bandal

AQAR submitted for Assessment and Accreditation: 3rd Cycle

The institution was submitted four AQAR for Assessment and Accreditation.

Chairperson: Dr. P.V. Jabde
Coordinator: Prof. V.S. Bandal

  1. Academic Year 2010-2011 on 03.12.2013
  2. Academic Year 2011-2012 on 27.09.2012
  3. Academic Year 2012-2013 on 03.12.2013
  4. Academic Year 2013-2014 on 25.09.2014

NAAC Steering Committee

  1. Dr. A. N. Ardad – Coordinator
  2. Dr. R. V. Shikhare – Member
  3. Prof. B.D. Jadhavar – Member
  4. Dr. S. A. Bansode – Member
  5. Dr. S. S. Bhagat – Member
  6. Dr. P.P. Pangrikar – Member